The Artifexian videos and podcast are designed to be an online resource for anyone interested in the construction of scientifically plausible imaginary settings.      



Edgar Grunewald is an aspiring internet content creator based in Ireland.

In the spring of 2014, he set up the youtube channel, Artifexian. The aim of this channel is to create a valuable worldbuilding resource for sci-fi/fantasy writers, comic-book creators, and game developers.

He considers worldbuilding to be an academic endeavour in its own right: a tool to focus and drive life-learning. He worldbuilds to understand more about our universe, and his explicit goal is to pass what knowledge he acquires onto other content creators.

Outside of his video work, he enjoys recreational mathematics, watching Star Trek, and eating liquorice.
His favourite fictional characters are, in no particular order, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Kara “Starbuck” Tharce, and Tyrion Lannister. Christopher Lee and the Cookie Monster are his greatest sources of inspiration and guidance in life.

People often ask him: “Of your five character quirks, which three do you think would bring a biog nicely to a close?”
His answer: “I'm scared of shawls. My beard sometimes smells of candy wrappers, and it's impossible for me to walk on rugs.”

Such is his lot in life!



Raconteur. Poet. Adventurer. Billionaire. Philanthropist. These are just some of the words Bill really likes.

Bill started worldbuilding at a very young age; having always been fascinated by the maps in fantasy books and games, Bill started to draw his own. A keen imagination, combined with an inquiring scientific mind and a perfectionist streak, led Bill to learn more and more about how to make his settings plausible. Before he knew it, he was worldbuilding.

As well as worldbuilding and podcasting with his homie-in-chief Edgar, Bill is a composer, musician, and music teacher. This background in humanities has well prepared him not only for dealing with the social and artistic sides of building his fictional cultures, but also in coming up with neat literary justifications for his scientific impossbilities.

He is the world's only fighter pilot to hold three Olympic gold medals in Tiger-Wrestling.