Onikara Prime

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Onikara Prime is the first and only planet of the Onikara star system - a single F star system located in the Lakot region of space.

Nicknamed the “Hot Spring” planet, it’s surface is extremely sulphur rich. Originally, Onikara was thought to be very Home-like, but due to it’s proximity to it’s parent star, it’s ancient oceans have evaporated away over time, leaving behind a thick oxygen atmosphere. This atmosphere began oxidising the surface sulphur in SO2, SO3 and eventually H2SO4, giving rise to its brinish seas of sulphuric acid.

On the surface, scientists expect there to be low lying quartz formations dotted with rubies and sapphires - given the stability of quartz and corundum in such an acidic environment.

Onikara Prime was the first planet visited by human probes: Zahn 1 (3002), Zahn 2 (3008) and the Ma’kalo-Zahn Lander (3011). The first two data collecting missions were successful however contact was lost with the Ma’kalo-Zahn Lander during the final phase of its mission to land on the Onikaran surface. The data gathered by the Zahn fly-by missions seems to suggest that Onikara is inhabited and, given the environment, inhabited by silicon based lifeforms.  

The fully manned Ma’kalo-Zahn Lander 2  is due to arrive at Onikara within the next 42 days and . . .  

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