AP #31 : Hardy Mountain Children

Edgar & Bill talk lost artwork, artifexian coat of arms, Bill’s worldbuilding, ergativity and Black Panther. Oh, and Edgar complains…a lot. Sorry.

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CoA 1 (via /u/Clumaer)

BLAZON: Sable estencelly Or, above a base enarched argent a roundel of the same charged with a sun gules. for a crest, a no-ape sejant erect sable headed and armed purpure, holding in its dexter paw an astrolabe Or. Motto : “Artifexian” in the Oa script.

CoA 2 (via /u/TheLegion103)

BLAZON: Escutcheon: Gules; a pall enhanced argent, over all a billet abased, argent, at dexter chief, an eight-pointed star argent , at sinister chief, a letter “A” argent. Supporters: two pillars argent, an escroll gules surrounding both, dexter a four-pointed star argent, sinister a four-pointed star argent. For a crest: a sallet displayed argent, dexter a four-pointed star argent, sinister a four-pointed star argent, chief a four-pointed star argent. Torse: Gules and argent, the mantling gules and argent. Slogan: aedificationem mundi - (together we) build (the) world Motto: artefexian

CoA 3 (via /u/Yottaphy)

BLAZON: Azure, at the honour point a globe, at base, two hammers in saltire, all or. As supporters: two pillars or, an escroll argent surrounding both behind the escutcheon. For a crest: an Artifexalien displayed argent. Motto: "artifəksian" (Artifexian) in the Oa script

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“Division” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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